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1. Does "Real" mean that these compounds are in stock?
No, this is a virtual collection, but it contains compounds which are within a single step synthesis from becoming "real". Using the word REAL we wanted to emphasize the fact that for their synthesis we use validated technology which is based on our more than 15-year experience in the field of organic chemistry. For syntheses we extensively rely on our original Building Block collection, containing over 330 103 compounds which are available in-stock.

2. How many chemical reactions are used in the REAL DataBase synthesis?
More than 40. New reactions (and new types of structures also!) are introduced in REAL DataBase as they successfully pass all required testing procedures and comply with our quality standards.

3. How I can be sure that I will get the compounds of my choice?
We guarantee at least 50% success rate of synthesis from the first attempt for the compounds selected from REAL DataBase. The rest can be synthesized too, but it might take more time for optimization of the reaction conditions or cleanup, and this is up to the customer's decision. Typically, we recommend that a double amount is picked by a customer and requested for synthesis. For example, if the customer is planning to purchase 5 000 compounds, it is a good idea to pick 10 000 structures, and then, with the synthesis success rate 50%, the customer will get the desired 5 000 compounds in a short time.

4. What are the delivery terms for compounds from the REAL DataBase?
It depends on the order size. For selections comparable with the monthly production rate, our standard delivery term is 6-8 weeks. Our synthetic capability is ~20 000 compounds per month.

5. How can I be sure in quality of supplied compounds?
Enamine will provide analytical data on each compound in a library upon request, as well as description of standard analytical procedures. Ususally QC is performed with LC/MS, H-NMR or both at our own analytical laboratories.

6. What is the business model (type of an agreement, etc.) for purchasing of compounds from the REAL DataBase?
It's the same as for in-stock compounds: usually, general Compound Purchase Agreement is sufficient. Compounds are supplied on credit, i.e. a customer have to pay only for the delivered compounds.

7. Can I do cherry-picking from the REAL DataBase?
Yes, you are very welcome to do so. Cherry-picking is a standard practice in making selections from our REAL DataBase. There is no limitation as to the order size.

8. How I can make my selection from the REAL DataBase?
You can do it on your own, according to your specific filtering criteria, or we can do it for you. Due to the large size of the REAL DataBase (~107 compounds), it may take you several months to perform filtering. To save your resources and time, on your request we can select from the database a set of structures which will fit your requirements and screening capabilities.

9. What are the benefits of purchasing from the REAL DataBase?
First and the most important, the compounds that you select from the REAL DataBase are novel, and you will be the first one to get them tested. Moreover, it is possible to purchase these compounds on the exclusive conditions (please contact us for more details). Since the synthesis is performed exclusively at Enamines' chemical facility and using Enamines' validated technology, resynthesis and further modification (hit follow-up) is easy.

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