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Enamine takes an active part in the industry’s life participating in the leading international conferences, symposiums, and other events. We will be happy to meet with you, exchange opinions on the latest developments and discuss current projects and future business opportunities. For more information please contact us at

Date & Venue Event Presence
November 15-18, 2015
Rehovot, Israel
EFMC-ASMC'15 Booth
September 14-17, 2015
Long Branch, USA
Chem Outsourcing Delegate
September 14-16, 2015
Antwerp, Belgium
FMC 2015, Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry Booth #5
September 13-16, 2015
Cambridge, UK
18th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium Booth
August 23-28, 2015
Como, Italy
21st ISFC & ISoFT'15 Delegates
August 16-20, 2015
Boston, USA
250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition Booth #443
July 1-3, 2015
Avignon, France
RICT 2015, Drug Discovery and Selection Major Sponsoring,
Booth #22
June 8-11, 2015
Metz, France
Bioheterocycles 2015 Delegate,
May 7-8, 2015
Berlin, Germany
European Pharma Summit
(2nd GPCR Targeted Screening Conference,
10th Protein Kinases in Drug Discovery Conference)
April 21-23, 2015
San Diego, USA
Drug Discovery Chem Delegate
April 13-14, 2015
Basel, Switzerland
Proteinase 2015 Booth
March 22-26, 2015
Denver, USA
249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition Delegate
March 22-24, 2015
Cambridge, UK
Fragments 2015:
5th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting
February 15-20, 2015
San Francisco, USA
Molecular TriMed Delegate
February 17-18, 2015
Berlin, Germany
Discovery Chemistry Congress, Screening Europe,
Flow Chemistry Europe 2015
Booth #3

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