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Screening Compounds

Enamine Screening Collection contains more than 1 900 000 low molecular weight organic compounds and is the world's largest and reputable source of chemical compounds for biological screening. For over 20 years Enamine has provided screening compounds to thousands of customers including all major pharma- and biotech- companies as well as numerous academic institutions. Our collection is the best choice for your discovery programs because of high number of diverse drug-like compounds.

Advanced Collection
approx. 400 000 compounds

In 2010 we introduced Advanced Collection enclosing our most innovative compounds that were synthesized at Enamine within the last year. The structures emerged from more than decade of scientific research at Enamine. We actively develop new synthetic procedures for parallel production of libraries having valuable pharmacophores. Advanced Collection features compounds with improved ADME profiles, in particular with MW≤350 and cLogP≤3 which make them significantly more water soluble and less lipophilic.

HTS Collection
approx. 1.5 million compounds

Quality and diversity of our collection has been acknowledged by numerous customers all over the world. Enamine's HTS Collection is a favorite cherry-picking source for various screening campaigns owing to its outstanding size, distinct chemical space (estimated overlap with the combined database of other suppliers is less than 10%) and high diversity.

Look through comparison of ADME profiles for screening collections.

You can search and order screening compounds online.

The latest version of screening collections can be downloaded in different data formats.
To facilitate data mining, Screening Collection can be represented as the database of corresponding scaffolds.
A DVD disk with the current database is available upon request.

General terms of screening compounds supply:

Average available weight150 mg
QC check100% LC/MS and/or NMR
dry powders / DMSO solutions in
Enamine's or your vials / plates
Regular delivery term5 working days
Re-synthesis2 months

Most of the compounds from our collection can be re-synthesized. Moreover, synthesis of their analogues can be readily undertaken. We provide a number of comprehensive follow-up services to pursuit hit-to-lead optimization, synthesis of focused libraries etc. We offer considerable discounts for the projects derived from hits found in our collections.

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