Enamine - smart chemistry solutions


We offer the following products to customers worldwide:

  • Building Blocks – 178 513 reactive fine chemicals
  • Screening Compounds – 2 000 000 compounds for HTS
  • REAL DataBase – the pool of chemical structures reflecting major part of chemical space accessible to our customers via production capabilities of Enamine
  • Compound Libraries – finely crafted sets of compounds selected from Screening Collection by in silico screening
  • Fragment Library – special set of rigid, low-molecular-weight compounds
  • Tangible Building Blocks – the library of 20 556 947 feasible reactive compounds developed in collaboration with UORSY

Screening Collection, presently the largest commercially available screening library in the world, originated from Enamine’s REAL DataBase. Compounds in the library were mostly synthesized by in-house-developed production technology. Enamine’s production capacity of up to 20,000 compounds per month accounts for constant expansion of the Screening Collection. Over 80% of compounds conform to the industry standard rule-of-five.

Building Block collection containing structurally and chemically diverse fine chemicals represents wide variety of chemical classes. Enamine has excellent expertise in development of new heterocycles, creation of novel and unusual functional motifs in molecules. Building Blocks are effective tools to quickly build value in research projects ranging from early lead generation to lead characterization, optimization and process development.
Enamine Targeted Libraries are designed to provide valuable contribution at various stages of drug discovery paradigm. Pharmacological Diversity Set and platform wide libraries are excellent sources of hits for obscure targets. For targets with known 3D structure or with known active compounds we provide comprehensively designed Focused Libraries that could be used for hit-to-lead and lead generation stages. Finally, in the context of integrated solutions we contribute to hit discovery through lead optimization stages in close junction with our medicinal chemists.

Enamine supplies only the highest quality products. We subject all our compounds to rigorous QC tests, such as high field NMR spectroscopy, LC/MS, GC, FT/IR and quantitative elemental analysis. Compounds can be packaged per customer’s specifications, in vials or plates, as powders, solutions or dry films. Selected building blocks are available for expedited delivery (under 48 hours) to customers via local offices in the US and EU.

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