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Building Blocks & Intermediates

Enamine designs, develops and synthesizes chemical reagents, scaffolds and intermediates widely known as building blocks for their convenient use in medicinal chemistry and synthesis of combinatorial compound libraries. Our catalogue has 108 115 diverse building blocks of various chemical classes that make it the largest and most abundant source of research chemicals in the world.

Morpholines, pdf,
160 selected compouds
All 391 compouds
Bicyclic Amines, pdf,
127 selected compouds
All 492 compouds
Fluorinated Amines, pdf,
141 selected compouds
All 539 compouds
Isocyanates, pdf,
198 selected compouds
All 645 compouds

Sulfonyl Chlorides, pdf,
673 selected compouds
All 1500 compouds

Click Chemistry, pdf,
336 selected compouds
All 701 compouds

Spiro Compounds, pdf,
288 selected compouds
All 322 compouds

Small Linkers, pdf,
352 selected compouds


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Each month our catalogue is enriched with ca. over 1,000 new building blocks. You can be among the first to discover these innovative molecules by subscribing to our . Each of these monthly updates will bring you around 60 carefully selected, most interesting structures of building blocks that are available for immediate purchase from our stock.

Selected building blocks announced in the previous issues:

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